About Us

About US

“Because we cannot scrub our inner body we need to learn a few skills to help cleanse our tissues, organs, and mind. This is the art of Ayurveda.”

Come and witness the great fusion of age-old ancient beauty treasure with modern tricks. Vegetal India believes beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and at the heart of a person. Made with modern approach and techniques with Ayurveda as its foundation, Vegetal India has kept authenticity and traditionalism of Ayurveda intact in its beauty products. A pioneer in luxury beauty segment, we understand your needs and concerns very well and present before you an exclusive range of beauty products made with love and care. Vegetal India believes in true nature love and has brought to life the ageless beauty secrets of Ayurveda through rigorous research and offers you with products that suit your modern requirements.

Catering to various beauty care sections like Skin Care, Body Care, Hair Care, Lip Care, and so on, we use traditional and organic methods to develop our products without harming nature and wildlife. None of our products is being tested on animals at any stage of production thus our products are completely safe and eco-friendly. Vegetal India keeps its prime focus on quality, authenticity, and purity and offers a gentle nature touch to your skin. We pick the best useful ingredients from natural and Ayurveda treasure and fuse it with organic essential oils and herbal extracts to caress your skin and body and add a pure life to your mind and soul. So come and experience the music of nature and get yourself enchanted to its tune and revel yourself completely into it.

Our Method

Vegetal all Natural products use Bio-Active Extracts of herbs rather than Raw extracts of herbs. Usage of These Bio-Active ingredients enhance uniqueness of our VEGETAL products & makes them highly result oriented. We rely solely on environmental savvy practices and disseminate our message to the whole community at large “World Is Returning towards the Nature”. We are a part of nature’s family and promote people’s better life, better future and healthy living today, tomorrow and forever through our natural and herbal products.

Vegetal all Natural Products are made out of Earthy Ingredients picked up from hubs of organic & safe farming areas across the country and our products are developed with Bio-Active extraction techniques under strict quality controls to give unique form of result oriented Natural products to users.

Our method is our USP. A natural product is developed with raw extracts of herbs but we at Vegetal India pick out a bio-active extract that works most effectively for the that particular product. To simplify it,’Bio-Active extracts’ are the most appropriate plant/herb extracts derived from the plants/herbs in a most potent form. These extracts are useful for specific skin concerns to give the exact results.  Usage of These Bio-Active ingredients enhance uniqueness of our VEGETAL products & makes them highly result oriented.