1) Extract Form of Natural Dyes for Textile Industry

AMA Herbal is the first natural dyes manufacturing company endeavoured to reduce dyeing time from three days to four hours. We are the makers of standardized fine quality of extract form of natural dyes which enables dyers to feel comfortable in dyeing with them in automatic dyeing machine.

We have In-House R&D for the development of fine quality of natural dyes and have developed processes of dyeing to match the different kinds of dyeing machines.

AMA Herbal thrives an exclusive range of Textile Auxiliaries which are worthy for dyeing with natural dyes.

Our company also manufactures Specialty Auxiliaries to reduce chemical load on environment and serve for the health benefit of the humanity e.g. our product Vegeboost reduces consumption of potassium permanganate by 50% in denim finishing and on the other hand Vegebact gives anti bacterial properties to textile that lasts of 15 washes.

We predominantly focused on Natural Indigo (our trade name is Bio Indigo) for Denim Industry. If you see the Denim Dyed with Natural Indigo all across the globe by any of the several brands such as Levis, Wrangler, Pepe, Diesel, Raymond etc, then there are 90% chances that it has been dyed with our Natural Indigo.

Our range of natural textile dyes includes:

1)    Bio Indigo ( Natural Indigo)

2)    Mallow ( Pomegranate)

3)    Rubia ( Madder)

4)    Flame ( Kamala)

5)    Nimbus ( Lac)

6)    Kareel ( Myrobolan)

7)    Bee ( Catechu)

8)    Insect ( Himalayan Rhubarb)

9) Basant ( Tesu and Haldi (Turmeric)

2) Cosmoderna Division for Herbal Preparation through Derma Prescription:

Our cosmoderma division is specialized in the natural colouring of hair and skin. We are the inventor of world’s first PPD free hair colour i.e. Vegetal Bio Colour. Our product is free from the entire chemical and only of its kind to the world. Today, of the total chemical hair dye users in the world 5% of them suffer from allergies due to PPD in hair colouring of products. In such cases they need “ A product which is free from PPD”.

Hair Care: Be with the VegetalWellness to protect your invaluable gift from God and reboost your confidence by naturally colouring your hair and flaunt them by Nature’s Gift itself!!

1) Vegetal Bio Colour World’s first PPD free hair colour

2) Vegetal Nourisher Pure herbal tonic for hair and scalp with the power of Aloe Vera

3) Vegetal Hair Well 100% natural dermatologically tested product

Skin Care: If VegetalWellness of your hair bestowned confidence in you then why your skin lag behind to avail the radiance, our range of skin care products are naturally formulated for you to create a “SMILE” on your face.

1) Fastfit L Adjunctive supplement for all skin and hair disorders

2) Vegetal Sandal Face Wash Skin Fairness

3) Vegetal Tea Tree Face Wash Acne Prevention

4) WrinkTal Gentle and Effective Anti Wrinkle Cream

5) LactoClinO Mild and Creamy Soap Free Cleansing Lotion

6) MalusCare Apple Face pack for normal Skin

7) PapenGlow Papaya Face Pack for Oily Skin

and its counting……

3) Herbal Gulal Division : Herbal Gulal Colour Powder for Color Run & Sporting Events

“Leave obesity behind the Natural Play of Colours”

If junk food starts your saliva secretion then it is no doubt in the near future it would start working as a tool to decline your fitness and leads you to the “World of Obesity”. Today, obesity is the biggest health crisis in the world has encountering its face off to. This leads you into the world of health hazards and psychological problems and leaves you unhealthy.

In the US, obesity has been cited as a major concern in the area of public health and fitness. They are facing obesity at its verge stage according to the US Heart Association Report.  Its released data indicates 35% of the adults in the US have been suffering from obesity.

WHO European Regions too have been occurrence of obesity since the 1980s and increasing at an alarming stage. The crisis can be visualized as half of the population over there is overweight.

The sheer negligence towards our health makes us unhealthy and unfit and lead us to face several diseases e.g. weight gain and non communicable diseases (NCDs) etc.
Hence, these results make people think about the overall concept of “Health” to make their life “Joyful”.

If these harsh revelations make your life ”ColourLess Without Your Favourite Food” then , do not worry because we AMA Herbal have created a path to bring you out from the “World of Obesity” while “Play with Herbal Colours” because WE care for your “Wellness” with “Naturals” and our company’s motto is  “Oneness for All” to fill  “joy” and “Colors” into the life of everyone. We manufacture Herbal Gulal or Colour Powder from our reduced extract of natural textile dyes that is non toxic and eco friendly product.

It is a 100% natural formulation of all skin friendly components and satisfies all quality parameters of cosmetic standards as per the European Union regulation. We have certified 20 colours in this range and so on. Our products are well expected and appreciated by its large users in the USA, Europe and Asian Countries.