*** HAIR

hair can be defined as a slender, thread-like outgrowth from a follicle in the skin of mammals. Composed mainly of keratin protein.

Hair consists of broadly:

Shaft above the surface of skin.

Root that penetrates below the skin.








Hair Shaft : composed of three principal parts.











The cuticle varies in Scales.

Regulates the amount of water in the hair structure, which keeps its physical properties.

The damage to the cuticle can be caused by Weather or mechanical friction such as combing, brushing & the excessive use of Chemical based hair products.


** Cortex:

The cortex varies in: Thickness, Texture, Color.

Keratin: provides mechanical properties to the fibers.

The matrix comprises the major structure of the hair and contains a high concentration of disulfide bonds.

Matrix swells when in contact with water and forms a lightly cross linked gel structure. It exhibits keratin & melanin in the direction of the hair strand which are responsible for the hair color and its photo protection.


** Medulla:

The medulla can be empty or filled with sponge keratin, can serve as a pigment reservoir, and can contribute to the brightness of the hair.