Natural Dye Journey

AMA Herbal Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. started its manufacturing base in Lucknow in 1996. Initially we started as manufacturer of natural dyes for textile mainly cotton. We started with a big bang and within a small period of 2 months we received enquiries from USA, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Japan, Switzerland, Israel and Pakistan all interested parties were very established and reputed buyer. We send them sample with great hope of good orders, but all of them came back due to poor quality of dyes and their non performance on dyeing machines. That was a big setback to us at that time, but now when we think of that we take that as our Lucky failure.

Before this failure, our policy was to relay on the available technology of making natural dyes and dyeing of textile using natural dyes. But since this incident of failure we realised that we cannot be successful if we just follow EASY method of using available technology of making extract from of natural dyes and the traditional methods of dyeing with natural dyes. To be successful, we had to go for difficult and challenging way of establish our own Research and Development and produce such products that are as per the requirement of customers.

As the time passed by, we established newer and better methods of making extract from of natural dyes and process of dyeing with natural dyes.

Within a span of 3 years AMA Herbal became a know name in Natural Dyes industry for its inventions in of natural dyes. We started getting enquiries from other sectors like Leather, Jute, Wool, printing of textile, etc. By this time our R&D was well established to taking up new challenging jobs so we accepted the new challenges and developed such technologies which are not available anywhere else in the World.