Celebrating Environment Day! On 05-Jun-2015

Planting The Right Ideas For A Healthy Future!

With a living vision- “Strive to enable world realize and be benefitted with full strength of natural products for a better life, better future and healthy living today, tomorrow and forever and focus an area of large concern – Health & Environment.” AMA Herbal works since the 1996 with nature’s gift by manufacturing of herbal products for the wellness of the people, has taken a step towards the “Environment Protection Drive” and Public Awareness Program to protect our “Green Future” and avoid Nature’s Fury.

On this prestigious event Mr.Yawer Ali Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of AMA Herbal said “We all make a resolution in the “New Year” now let’s make a resolution on this “Environment Day” to make a healthy environment for our generations to come….” He further adds “Use of natural products with a motto “Live Natural, Buy Natural” would make us healthy and it is my urge from all of you to stop using chemical products and “Go Natural” and add little things in your life to save our planet for our Green Future…..this is our little effort towards a giant step for environment protection”.

The event started with a Road Show at Hindi Bhawan at 4 PM and followed by Plantation Drive at Chadiyamau. The event was attended by MD of AMA Herbal Mr.Masood Zaidi, CEO and Co-founder of AMA Herbal Mr.Y.A Shah, Ms Shabana Shah (In board of directors of the company), Ms Jabeen Masood (In board of directors of the company) and whole AMA Herbal Staff.

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