Following are the diversifications and divisions of AMA Herbal:

1) Natural Textile Dyes
AMA specializes in extracting natural dyes out of natural products. These natural dyes can be further applied on cotton, wool and silk. We develop an exclusive range of Textile Auxiliaries which are worthy for dyeing with natural dyes. Our company also manufactures Specialty Auxiliaries to reduce chemical load on environment and can also serve the health benefit of the humanity. Bio-Indigo is the main research product in this segment and we serve most of the famous denim brands in this vertical. Certification: Our natural dyes are certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) by Control Union of Netherlands.

2) Vegetal Bioactives (Cosmoderma & Organic Cosmetics Division)
AMA had set its mark in the cosmo derma division in the year 2006 by launching a breakthrough product- Vegetal Bio Colour, which came to be popularly known as the World’s first PPD-free Hair Colour. After gaining huge success in chemical-free hair colour market, we gradually stepped into the development of other derma care products for skin, body and hair. The company further branched itself into Organic Cosmetics. Now, Vegetal Bioactives comprises 2 divisions- Cosmoderma & Organic Cosmetics. Our Cosmoderma range is approved and highly recommended by dermatologists whereas Organic Cosmetics is a certified organic range with ECOCERT certification. We make use of bio-active ingredients and develop products that are safe for your skin and body. Our products are free from toxic chemicals and are 100% natural & organic. Certification: Certified by ECOCERT

3) Herbal Gulal Division
We believe in making best out of waste. Going in sync with this idea, we make herbal gulal from the left over material of natural dyes from textile. Our herbal gulal is sold widely in the Indian market during the time of Holi. Apart from domestic selling, our natural color is also exported to international market for various color run events held across the world. Certification: Our Gulal is certified by cosmetic standard of the European Union.

4) Vegetal Wellness Clinic
Vegetal Wellness Clinic is a bridge between the people and the dermatologist that works towards the wellness of the entire community. Our clinic aids people in choosing the right product for their skin on the recommendation of dermatologists. Vegetal Wellness Clinic aims at making people healthy and beautiful.