Skin is the reflection of your inner beauty and peace of mind. A healthy skin brings out your inner beauty to the fore and makes you look beautiful. Skin is a great absorbent and it absorbs all the dirt and external pollution that sticks to it. So your skin needs deep cleansing to make it look flawless. You need to be extremely careful as to what goes on to your skin. Improper skin care can lead to acne, dark spots, ageing, dullness, and so on. Skin is gentle and it needs to be treated gently with chemical free products. We offer a plethora of natural skin care products that are enriched with bio-active extracts and essential oils that offer a soft touch to your skin and make it look truly beautiful from within. Our skin care range include products like Vegetal Sunscreen Lotion, Vegetal Face Packs, Vegetal Moisturizing Lotion and many more.