With our in-house R&D Department, we strive to develop new and improved products tfor our customers. Recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science Technology, Govt. of India, our R&D Department helps the company in staying competitive with others in the industry. While thoroughly researching and analyzing the products other companies are creating, this facility walks that extra mile to improve our existing list of products and create new trends within the industry.

Before developing any product, Research and Development Department conducts a thorough study and research. The research includes an evaluation of the need for the product in the market and its acceptably before the design begins. The research phase also includes determining product kinetics, efficacy, active ingredients, base ingredients, product specifications, production costs and a production time line. We ensure that that the products are developed in compliance with all national and international product guidelines and any regulatory specification. Not only this, the R&D Department regularly evaluates the running products of the company to ensure they are still functional; and takes care of their potential changes or upgradation, if required.

To keep a strict check on the quality, our qualified Quality Control Team keeps a regular check on our products. Well equipped with sophisticated analytical instruments, the Q.C department has an adequate library of books related to quality test protocols and regulations of a particular product. This allows the team members to ensure that our products meet necessary standards and the company brings out quality products. To assist the Research and Development Department (R&D) and Quality Control(QC), the company also has a Quality Assurance (QA) team that coordinates with other departments and gives its valuable inputs as and when required.