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• Made out of 100% natural herbs and extracts like Indigo, Shikakai, Bramhmi, Manjistha and many more
• Does not contain harmful chemical contents like PPD, Ammonia, Peroxide, and Paraben
• Renders a lustrous natural color shade to your beard and moustache and offers maximum grey haircoverage
• Offers full UV rays protection and prevents your beard hair from getting sun damaged
• Shields your beard and moustache hair from getting affected due to external pollution, dust, and dirt
• Absolutely friendly to your skin and hair

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  • Natural IngredientOur essence is in being 100% natural and pure. Vegetal Beard Color is free of anything synthetic and artificial which are often highly toxic. The product is prepared bio-active ingredients which are the most pure and essential natural ingredients required for a healthy scalp and hair care.

  • Free from chemicalsIt is a chemical free- No Ammonia, No Peroxide, No PPD and other harsh chemicals hair color. The Vegetal Beard Color which contains only natural ingredients is very much healthy and absolutely safe to use. Also, being a complete natural product makes it one of the best environmental friendly hair colors.

  • Hair NourishmentA blend of treasured Indian herbs, The Vegetal Beard Color contains Brahmi, Bhangra and Shikakai which helps in nourishing & repairing the damaged hair and also strengthening the hair leaving you with a beautiful shining lustrous hair. The medicinal healing tendency of Brahmi, Bhangra and Shikakai also helps in promoting hair growth.

  • UV ProtectionYes, it do protects from Ultra Violet radiations. You cannot completely avoid Sun and the Ultra Violet Radiations from Sun may cause severe damage to your hair, leaving them brittle and dry. The medicinal quality of herbal ingredients of The Vegetal Beard Color acts as protective shield from the harmful ultra violet radiations.

  • HypoallergenicIf you are prone to any skin (scalp) allergies and have ever faced severe allergic reactions in the past, in that special case, we strongly recommend you to try our natural ingredient based ‘Vegetal Beard Color’. Because of No Ammonia, No Peroxide and No PPD, The Beard color with an natural base is Hypoallergenic which prevents allergic reactions and acts smooth on sensitive hair and skin types.

  • Not Tested on Animals & Vegan ProductWe are one of those companies which do not believe in testing our products on animals. And so we are proud to say this is one of those 100% vegan and cruelty-free product from our complete range of Hair, skin and body care.

how-to-apply-hair-color“How can i apply this?” Answer : USE THE PRESENT PROCEDURE
“How is Vegetal SafeColor made?” Answer: We rely on nature for our products. That’s why we use Bio-Active Extracts, not raw extracts of herb. This makes our product concentrate to deliver what you need the most – Result. Our result oriented approach is our impetus to offer you the best of the solutions to body care. In other words, our reliance on Bio-Active Extracts helps us achieve the solution in the best possible way. As they are100% natural, so these extracts are useful for specific skin concerns to give the exact results.
“Why should I go for Brand Vegetal India?” Answer: True cleansing is internal in nature. And even though we are the sole owner of our body, we still can’t do much of an internal cleansing by ourselves. So we rely on external art of cleansing which enters our body and cleans our tissues, and other vital organs. Here the ancient art of Ayurveda comes a boon. With our modern technology in place, we join hands with Ayurveda and make products that carry the goodness of nature and delivers exactly what you want – True beauty. None of our products is being tested on animals at any stage of production thus our products are completely safe and eco-friendly. Vegetal India believes in authenticity and optimum quality and the products reflect this inherent belief. We pick the best useful ingredients from natural and Ayurveda treasure and fuse it with organic essential oils and herbal extracts to caress your skin and body and add a pure life to your mind and soul.

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