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Vegetal Anti-Acne Cream


Clear off the dark clouds of acne from your face.

A unique combination of Neem, Aloe Vera, and Rubia extracts with anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory & soothing properties that relieves burning and itching associated with acne.

  • Formulated with 100% natural ingredients with no parabens, synthetic color, and preservatives
  • Reduces pigmentation and clears acne marks
  • Ideal for oily and acne sensitive skin

  • Natural IngredientOur essence is in being 100% natural and pure. Vegetal Anti Acne Cream is free of anything synthetic and artificial which are often highly toxic. The Vegetal products are cautiously prepared through bio-chemical extraction of the most pure and essential natural ingredients required for a healthy skin.

  • Paraben FreeParaben is used largely in skin and beauty products to extend their product’s shelf life. It is one of the cheapest preservatives available that can potentially harm your skin including your overall health. We, at the Vegetal carry an all-natural line; formulate our products with all natural ingredients and without Paraben.

  • Maintains pH balance and Skin HydrationEnriched with Aloe Vera and Masur extracts, the Vegetal Anti-Acne cream enables an even toning of skin and helps to restore skin’s natural pH levels. While Masur extracts exfoliates dead skin cells and protect your skin from free-radical damage, the Aloe Vera moisturizes it deeply and retains the best levels of skin’s hydration.

  • Prevents Pimples and AcneAcne can form when your pores get clogged by excess oil and dead skin cells, allowing bacteria to grow. The Vegetal Anti-Acne Cream aims to identify and treat the underlying cause of acne. It exfoliates dead skin cells, deep cleanse skin impurities, and remove excess oils from clogged pores. You will notice remarkable improvements on the surface of your skin.

  • Penetrates Deeply and Promotes Rapid HealingOwing to its efficient bunch of strong anti-bacterial, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of its organic extracts Neem, Aloe Vera & Manjistha, the Vegetal Anti-Acne cream absorbs easily and pacifies your skin conditions. Aloe Vera gel cools, relaxes the irritated skin, relieves burning, cure redness and prevents skin discoloration associated with acne.

  • Recommended by DermatologistsIt is clinically proven and strongly recommended by dermatologists for its strong anti-inflammatory organic essence and effectiveness. Composed of all the essential organic oils and natural ingredients that help to hydrate skin and fight common causes of acne makes it an effective remedy for all kinds of acne problems.

Age Group

18-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-45, 46-50, 51-55, 56-64, 65-74, 75+


Female, Male

Skin Type

Dry, Normal, Oily

Prime Area of Concern

Acne Protection & Oil Control, Dark Circle Removal, Pollution Protection, Skin Rashes Reduction & Clear Tone

“How can i apply this on my skin?” Answer: Wash your face with clean water and Vegetal Tea Face Wash and gently apply small amount of Vegetal Anti-Acne Cream on the affected areas. Repeat it for three times in a dat and see your acne disappear within no time.
“How is Vegetal Anti-Acne Cream made?” Answer:  We rely on nature for our products. That’s why we use Bio-Active Extracts, not raw extracts of herb. This makes our product concentrate to deliver what you need the most – Result. Our result oriented approach is our impetus to offer you the best of the solutions to body care. In other words, our reliance on Bio-Active Extracts helps us achieve the solution in the best possible way. As they are100% natural, so these extracts are useful for specific skin concerns to give the exact results.
“Why should I go for Brand Vegetal India?” Answer: True cleansing is internal in nature. And even though we are the sole owner of our body, we still can’t do much of an internal cleansing by ourselves. So we rely on external art of cleansing which enters our body and cleans our tissues, and other vital organs. Here the ancient art of Ayurveda comes a boon. With our modern technology in place, we join hands with Ayurveda and make products that carry the goodness of nature and delivers exactly what you want – True beauty.   None of our products is being tested on animals at any stage of production thus our products are completely safe and eco-friendly. Vegetal India believes in authenticity and optimum quality and the products reflect this inherent belief. We pick the best useful ingredients from natural and Ayurveda treasure and fuse it with organic essential oils and herbal extracts to caress your skin and body and add a pure life to your mind and soul.

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