Our Core Values

We are Nature Lovers

Vegetal India is a pure nature lover and wants the world to realize the power of nature and reap its optimum benefits. All our products have been formulated with the strength of natural ingredients to give world a better future today, tomorrow, and forever. We consider nature as our mother and we oath to protect her in every possible way. Looking at the deteriorating environment, we develop our products with no use of chemicals and harmful techniques. We believe in taking maximum out of Mother Nature and paying this love back to her with our tender love and care in the most gentle and tender way. We avoid all such techniques that add on to environmental pollution and its depletion. So our products come with unique natural formulations with a loads of nature love.

We are Pure & Authentic

The word ‘natural’ is no more natural these days. Most of the natural products available in the market come with a blend of chemicals. But Vegetal India is pure and authentic to every sense of the word. Highly recommended by the dermatologists across the country, our products are 100% natural and safe. They are a complete blend of natural organic ingredients that are grown without using harmful chemicals and fertilizers. Our products are completely free of parabens, chemical preservatives, artificial colors, petrochemicals, and so on.

We are Kind

Meeting Indian and international standards of purity, Vegetal India products are certified worldwide. Our products do not contain any GMO (genetically modified organisms) and most importantly none of our products is being tested on animals at any stage of production. We are gentle and kind to wildlife and environment.