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Dr. Vikas Sharma

Dr. Vikas Sharma

Hair Colour by Nature

Internationally acclaimed dermatologist, Dr. Vikas Sharma of National Skin Hospital, highlighted the rising incidents of allergic reactions of pPD (Pare Phenyle Diamine) as an active ingredient used in chemical hair dyes.

In an exclusive study, the team of dermatologists of National Skin Hospital, found that "About 20" of permanent hair dye users developed an allergy, mosly in the form of

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Dr. S.H. Pownikar

Dr. S.H. Pownikar
M.D. (Alternative Medicine) Sr. Consultant Dermatology, Veneroloy , LEPROLOGY & ALLERGY

“ The Day was wonderful, when we knew AMA Herbal product, especially “VEGETAL HAIR WELL” that is 100% Natural Topical solution for Hair Fall Control”

Thousand patients get benefit from VEGETAL HAIR WELL, In concern of hair fall. VEGETAL HAR WELL easily applicable on scalp with
100% efficacy and without side effect. So, In concern of Hair Growth, VEGETAL HAIR WELL is trusted and safe product.

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