1. What shades of hair colour do you offer?

We offer three shades of hair colours: Soft Black, Dark Brown and Burgundy.

2. Can I expect Vegetal Bio Colour result as fast as Chemical hair Colour ?

Vegetal Bio Colour is Ayurvedic preparation, con’t expext result from this as fast as chemical preparation. Vegetal Bio Colour acts naturally with safety. Vegetal Bio Ciolour gives maximum result as per following condition.

  1. In good condition of Hair
  2. Using on white and grey hair
  3. Proper following application process
  4. In condition of more than 20% grey hair, use 2-3 application
  5. Colour will appear after 48 hr of application.

3. Are there any possible side effects of Vegetal Bio Colour?

Vegetal Bio Colour is 100% natural, free from PPD, Ammonia and Hydroxide Peroxide. The colour giving components are completely natural substances.

4. I was allergic to chemical hair dye, is there any risk of allergy on using your Bio Colour?

Since Vegetal Bio Colour is 100% chemical free, including PPD, Ammonia and Hydrogen Peroxide, there are no chances of chemical allergy, however, if one is allergic to any ayurvedic ingredient, an allergic reaction may be experienced.

5. What is PPD? What do you mean by PPD free?

PPD or Paraphenylenediamine is a chemical substance which is widely used as a permanent hair dye which gives a natural look to the hair. Frequent to mild exposure to PPD, depending upon the sensitivity of a person, may develop an allergic reaction in a person ranging from mild to severe or even fatal.

“PPD free” means that hair colours which are completely herbal, and do not use this harmful chemical.

6. How long does it take to colour my hair with Vegetal Bio Colour?

10 minutes for keeping the paste, and 60-120 minutes after application.

7. I want to switch my natural soft black colour to burgundy; will Vegetal Bio Colour burgundy shade work for me?

Vegetal Bio Colour contains natural ingredients in natural colour shades, If hair condition is grey or white instead of black , you can be apply burgundy shades , and colour will come as per hair condition.

8. My natural hair colour is dark brown; will colouring with Vegetal Bio Colour burgundy shade bring me the desired shade?

For best result, try on white or grey hair.

9. I want to switch from chemical hair dye, which I have been using in the past, to Vegetal Bio Colour now, will there be any adverse effect if any traces of the chemical hair dye are still remaining?

No, there will be no adverse effects of using Vegetal Bio Colour once you switch from chemical hair dye.

10. If Vegetal Bio Colour has no PPD, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide, why is the patch test still recommended?

Patch test is recommended before using Vegetal Bio Colour to avoid any risk to an allergic reaction to any of the ayurvedic ingredients, if one may have so.

11. Is Vegetal Bio Colour safe to be used during pregnancy?

Being 100% chemical free, Vegetal Bio Colour is completely safe for both the mother and child during and after pregnancy.

12. I have more than 20% of gray hair; will Vegetal Bio Colour cover them all?

If you have more than 20% of gray hair. Actual result will come after two application and colour appear after 48 hours of application.

13. Does Vegetal Bio Colour cover gray hair?

Yes, Vegetal Bio Colour covers gray hair.

14. Is this colour permanent?

No, being a 100% herbal hair colour, Vegetal Bio Colour is a temporary hair colour.

15. How long does Vegetal Bio Colour last?

Colour lasting will stay till 5 to 7 shampoo.

16. I want to colour my beard and moustaches with Vegetal Bio Colour, what special points do I need to keep in mind?

Please read and follow the process of application of Vegetal Bio Colour, keeping in mind to especially cover your beard and moustache.

17. Are all the shades of Vegetal Bio Colour PPD free, including black?

Yes, all shades of Vegetal Bio Colour are absolutely PPD free.

18. I have got a bottle of Vegetal Nourisher inside the pack of Vegetal Bio Colour, what is this for and is this necessary to use?

Vegetal Nourisher is a pure herbal preparation for hair and scalp which not only repairs damaged hair, controls dandruff and hair fall, but is also a colour protecting conditioner. It is recommended to use Vegetal Nourisher after using Vegetal Bio Colour to give softness and luster to your hair.

19. What is the process of application of Vegetal Bio Colour?

What if someone wants to know it in Hindi? Please refer to our Product application section to find a step by step description of process of application. Process of application is provided in Hindi on the leaflet provided with the pack of Vegetal Bio Colour. You can also call on our Toll-free number if you have any further queries.

20. What is the usage of Vegetal Nourisher in Bio Colour . As it has written behind for Vegetal Bio Color, apply immediately after colouring ?

Vegetal Nourisher is a pure herbal preparation for hair and scalp which not only repairs damaged hair, controls dandruff and hair fall, but is also a colour protecting conditioner. It is recommended to use Vegetal Nourisher after using Vegetal Bio Colour to give softness and luster to your hair.
Although, Usage of Vegetal Nourisher are:

  1. Repairing damage hair, bringing back seen and luster
  2. Pure herbal tonic for hair and scalp
  3. Control hair fall
  4. Control dandruff



Glossage (FAQ)

Q1. Are glossage safe for long term ?

Due to free from Hydroquinone, Steroid , Bleaching agent and Parabens.

  1. glossage does not cause sun sensitivity
  2. glossage does not have cytotoxic effect

iii. glossage does not cause thinning of skin


Q2. How long does glossage take to see results?

  1. Depend on skin type and condition. Generally results begin to see within 2 week. If affected area is extensive , results may take longer to appear. Normally full results can be  seen after 4-6 weeks of continuous  daily use.

Q3. How glossage advance than major player of Depigmenting products?

Due to free from Hydroquinone, Steroid , Bleaching agent and Parabens.

  1. No Side effect
  2. Long Term Use

iii. No Irritation

  1. No sun sensitivity

Q4. glossage can causes dryness due matte and non-oily result ?

A: glossage does not causes dryness but in case of dry skin/ winter session, use moisturising lotion (softlite) before apply glossage.


Q4. How does glossage act Instant white glow ?

glossage does absorb and removes dead skin melanin and oil instantly due to Mulburry and Chimommile extracts


Q5. What is added advantages of glossage ?

glossage provides instant white glow effect with safe correct complexion


Q6. Does glossage protects against sun rays ?

  1. Yes, glossage absorb UV rays due to Oxychinnamite and Titanium Dioxide and provides SPF 25 effect.


Q7. What is correct complexion mechanism of glossage ?

glossage acts in 4 steps as follows

  1. Exfoliate dead melanin cells
  2. Inhibits Tyrosinase gene receptor mediators
  3. Inhibits Tyrosinase activation
  4. Inhibits Melanin Transformation to Epidermis


Q8: For best result , glossage can be use with other products ?

  1. Yes, Vegetal sandal face wash can be use along with glossage for better instant result



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1    In which Indication SoftLite™ lotion is useful?

Ans- It is useful for Dry ,Excessive dry & Sensitive skin.


Q2    I am sensitive to strong odor . Is SoftLite™containsstong smell?

Ans- No  it has pleasant smell.


Q3   Dose SoftLite™lotion helpful in  Excessive dryness?

Ans-Yes it is helpful in  Excessive dryness as it contain Bio pharma active ingriedients like Vitamin E,Mucopolysaccharides,  Bisbolol, Catechin having antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties which are extremely soothing &beneficial for skin & excessive dryness.


Q4    How frequently should apply SoftLite™ body lotion?

Ans- You  can use SoftLite™ body lotion daily all  over the body

Q5  How SoftLite™ lotion works on the skin?

Ans-  SoftLite™ is a light creamy lotion that absorbs easily to the skin and provide moisturization for 24 hours.


Q 6  Is there any side effects of using SoftLite™ lotion?

Ans-  No there are no known side effect because SoftLite™ is prepared with Biopharma active ingredients like         Mucopolysaccharide., Vitamin E , Bisabolol & Catechin.


Q7 After using SoftLite™lotion does it increase beauty?

Ans-  Yes it  helps in  to increase the beauty one of its ingredient like Aloevera is useful  for glowing skin.


Q8  Does SoftLite™ Contain any chemical ?

Ans-  No it does not contain any chemical


Q9  Is SoftLite™ lotion  suitable for both Male &Female  skin types?

Ans-  Yes it is suitable for both Male and female skin types.


Q10  Is SoftLite™lotion  suitable for all age group?

Ans-  Yes it is suitable for all age group.




  1. Is MalusCare™ effective for all skin types?

Ans. Yes, MalusCare™ is effective on all skin types, but it is especially meant to work for normal skin type.


  1. I am sensitive to strong odors; does this product have a strong smell?

Ans. No, since it is made of fruit and herbal extracts, it has a pleasing soft smell.


  1. Do I need to use a whitening scrub or lotion after using MalusCare™?

Ans. No, you get the lightening and moisturizing effect after using

MalusCare™ and no other scrub or lotion is required.  For best results use MalusCare™ as per the directions provided on the pack.


  1. Is it suited for both male and female skin types?

Ans. Yes, it is suitable for both male and female skin types.


  1. Are there any side effects of MalusCare™?

Ans. There are no known side-effects.


  1. Will it leave my skin feeling dry or oily after use?

Ans. MalusCare™ is absorbed into to the skin. The skin is left firm, soft and naturally glowing