Your Guide to Shop for Natural Beauty Products

You must have heard a lot about natural or organic beauty products buzzing in the market. But when it comes to choosing on what to buy and what not, it gets confusing. Let me first tell you that the terms such as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ are not regulated which implies that there is no guarantee of a product being actually natural or organic that it claims to be. But now that the choice of shifting from cosmetic products to natural products has been finally made by you, you are in the right place to get enlightened between authentic and fake. Here are some of the basic tips to follow when you shop for organic or natural beauty products.

Do not always trust the word ‘Natural’

As I told you before, the words ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ are not regulated so there are several skin care products in the market that mislead the customers into buying something that is not completely natural. Always make sure that you check on the ingredients list to confirm that the company claim is authentic or not.

Look for Natural Ingredient Standard

Genuine natural beauty products manufacturing companies follow a ‘Natural Ingredient Standard’ to set a benchmark for its beauty products to differentiate between natural and non-natural ingredients. You must look for such standards when you buy any natural skin care products for yourself.

Know your Skin Type

Well natural products work same on all skin types is a myth. It is essential for you to know what suits best to your skin even when you go for a natural product. For instance, beauty products containing honey and avocado are ideal for dry skin types whereas ingredients like hazel and tea tree oil work best for oily skin. So choose the best ingredients for you.

Don’t complicate your choice

Always remember less works better in organic beauty products. So my suggestion would be go for products containing a short ingredient list. Don’t buy a product containing artificial fragrance in fact avoid a one claiming ‘fragrance free’ as these products contain additives that mask the smell of other additives. So always check that your natural skin care products do not list Sulfates Parabens or Petrochemicals in its list.

Choose mineral

Make your skin breath by opting for mineral based natural make up products. Always say ‘no’ to fragrances, preservatives, and additives. This is important because such ingredients must be avoided around sensitive areas like eyes.

Go vegan

It always safe and better to go for environment-friendly organic beauty products. So I would advise you to check for ‘vegan friendly’ logo on your natural skin care products.