Noray Sunscreen Aquagel- 50g


Noray Sunscreen Aqua Gel SPF 50 and PA+++
1. SPF 50 – Protect against 98% of UVB rays
2. PA+++ – Protect against UVA rays , Anti-tan benefits
3. Prolong UV protection
4. Safe for sensitive skin, Non-irritant
5. Non-greasy , Non-Comedogenic
Key Ingredients:
1. UV Filter – Patented micro encapsulated RUVEX (BMO) : Avobenzone, octocrylene
2. ANTI-TAN – USA patented micro encapsulated Salsphere light (alpha arbutin, resveratrol)
3. Nano titanium dioxide
4. SPF Booster – Hallbrite (butyloctyl salicylate)

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NORAY Gel (SPF 50, PA+++): It is not an ordinary sunscreen, composed by patented encapsulated RUVEX (UV filters) & USA patented Salsphere Lite  (Anti-tan molecules) that gives assured prolong protection with minimum skin-tan.

Benefit of Encapsulation Technology

Benefit of Encapsulation Technology

  1. Prolong protection: Encapsulated layer protect against break down of UV filters  by UV rays
  2. Safe for Sensitive skin: Encapsulated layer eliminates UV filter direct contact with skin layer and protect irritation and allergy to skin.
  3. Target release: Encapsulated layer controls the rate of release. For example, slow release can extend the benefits from a single application. This can reduce side effects, like irritation, and enhance the actives overall efficacy.
  4. Trigger release: Triggered release ensures that effective levels of active ingredients reach the treatment areas when they are needed most.

Additional information

Suitable forskin

Oily, Acne, Sensitive Skin

NORAY Use For :

1. Intense UV exposer
2. Sunburn
3. Suntan
4. Photodermatoses
5. UV induced hyperpigmentation
6. Post procedure
7. Photoaging

How Noray Sunscreen Works?

1. Ruvex silica wall reflect UV rays
2. Ruvex UV filters absorb UV rays
3. Micronised Tio2 reflect UV rays
4. Salsphere lite inhibits UV induce pigmentation
process (Suntan)
5. Salsphere lite inhibits UV induced inflammation