Ultradew Moisturising cream – 100g


ULTRADEW moisturiser will break the Dry skin cycle by its unique HSP science concept 1. Ultra-deep & prolonged moisturisation by HSP science 2. Perfect combination of Humectant, Emollient & Occlusive 3. Relives Very dry, Eczema & Psoriasis condition 4. Anti-inflammatory & Anti-bacterial action 5. Parabens, Colorants & Fragrance free 6. Non-irritant 7. Added with Vit-E Key Ingredients: White soft paraffin 13.2% w/w, light liquid paraffin 10.2% w/w, Glycerin 5% w/w, Squalane, Cetyl alcohol, Shea butter, Vit-E & Stearic acid

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ULTRADEW moisturiser will break the Dry skin cycle by its unique HSP science concept. HSP means Hydrate, Smooth & Protect.

Ultradew has a perfect combination of Humectant, Emollient & Occlusive agent that fulfill all needs of dry skin, very dry skin, eczema & psoriatic skin condition.


  1. 1. Ultradew has humectant (glycerin) that will hydrate the skin by attracting Moisture from dermis & environment.
  2. 2. Ultradew has perfect emollient combination like Shea butter, Squalane & Cetyl alcohol that make skin soft & smooth by filling the gap of dry scaly rupture skin surfaces.
  3. 3. Shea butter & Squalane also has anti- inflammatory & Anti-bacterial properties.
  4. 4. Ultradew has perfect combination of Occlusive, white soft paraffin & light liquid paraffin which form the thin hydrophobic thin film on dry skin surface to protect trans-epidermal moisture loss (TEWL).

Additional information


1. Dry & scaly skin
2. Atopic dermatitis
3. Ichthyosis
4. Eczema
5. Psoriasis

Uses & Application:

1. Take desired quantity
2. Apply on the dry skin surface by gentle rubbing
3. Use twice in a day or as per requirement or as directed by physicians