Vegetal HairWell

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Vegetal HairWell for maintaining good hair and scalp health.
• 100% safe and non-steroidal herbal preparation
• Prevents hair fall within 7 weeks
• Improves overall scalp health and hair quality
• Clinically proven and recommended by dermatologists
• Repairs Dry & Damaged Hair
• Maintains Healthy Scalp

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Description : • Controls Hair Fall- The effectiveness of Hairwell lies in the goodness of its natural ingredients – Brahmi and Bhangra.
While Bhangra is added to prevent possible hair –loss and to promote thick hair growth, the Brahmi extract stimulates blood circulation of the scalp and promotes rapid hair growth. And the combination of both works miraculously on controlling the excessive hair fall.

• Repairs Dry & Damaged Hair- Pollution and hectic lifestyles have left us with unhealthy dry, brittle and damaged hair. Hairwell repairs dry and treats damaged hair with a pinch of magic added from its natural ingredients such as Amla, Mehndi, Shikakai, Aloevera and Methi which do wonders to your damaged hair.

• Maintains Healthy Scalp- The natural herbs used in the making of Hairwell have shown profound profitable results in maintaining a healthy scalp. While Indrajava seeds are helpful in dandruff-reduction, Amla – which is highly rich in vitamin C and minerals nourishes the scalp and keeps it healthy

• 67% Reduction in Hair Fall – Made by using the best combination of these medicinal natural herbs such as Brahmi, Bhangra, Mehndi, Aloevera, Amla, Shikakai, Indrajava and Methi, the Hairwell is very effective in preventing hair fall by 67% when used for 2 times in a week for 7 weeks. The results have been observed and recorded.

• Recommended by Dermatologists – Hair well has been widely accepted and recommended by Dermatologists for its natural essence and effective results. Hairwell has successfully managed to help in the maintenance of a healthy scalp, repairing dry brittle and damaged hair and reducing the hair fall up to 67% and hence it’s been strongly recommended by them.

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• Natural Ingredient– Our essence is in being 100% natural and pure. Vegetal Hairwell is free of anything synthetic and artificial which are often highly toxic. The product is prepared bio-active ingredients which are the most pure and essential natural ingredients required for a healthy scalp and hair care.
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