Vegetal Safe Colour is a Sustainable Choice to Get The Colourful & Lustrous Hair

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Vegetal Safe Colour is a Sustainable Choice to Get The Colourful & Lustrous Hair

Hair colours are not just for colouring grey hair but to ignite your personality and style. Different safe hair colour styles can reflect different shades of you. Men and women keep a close eye on the hair colour in trend as they want to match their steps with the latest styling trends. But, they forget a significant point in this rush. What? To make their hair more vibrant, colourful and stylish, they use chemically-infused hair colours that may ruin the hair and scalp.

How can we find which hair colour is best?

It is a quite significant point to know to maintain the natural lustre, thickness, and colour of your hair. Nature has given the natural colour to hair but with the age impact, harmful UV rays, and constantly rising pollution levels, our hair loses its natural colour, shine and thickness. Usage of synthetic hair colours can cover the grey hair but they don’t provide the nourishment and care rather devastate scalp and hair. Therefore, you should choose a hair colour without chemicals.

Most of the hair colours in the market have harmful chemicals and preservatives like Ammonia, PPD, Peroxide and Paraben etc. But, amidst the dark, there is a ray of possibility in the form of a 100% natural hair colour. The Vegetal Safe Colour is a 100% natural hair colour that is made from 100% organic extracts like Manjistha, Brahmi, Shikakai, and Indigo. Your search for safe hair colour natural completes with a happy ending.

The Vegetal Safe colour is safe for your hair and scalp as it is 100% free from Ammonia, PPD, Peroxide, and Paraben. It provides natural colour to your hair and stimulates its natural lustre. You want a black hair colour or safe hair colour brown, the Vegetal Safe Colour is available in different exciting shades like Black, Brown, and Burgundy. A hair colour latest is not essentially the best hair colour, because if it has harmful chemicals then your hair and scalp can be in big trouble.

Considering the betterment and natural nourishment of your hair, now you would know which hair colour is best. Choosing a hair colour without chemicals has multiple benefits that are useful for your hair, scalp, and overall health. Therefore, when you choose the Vegetal Safe colour, your hair remains on the profit side.

Vegetal Safe Colour Protects Your Hair from Harmful UV Rays

You have a sunscreen that protects your face from harmful UV rays, but what about your face? Did you know that excessive exposure to the sun can damage your hair and scalp? Vegetal thought about that and made a hair colour that can protect your hair from harmful UV rays. Your exploration for hair colour no ammonia comes to an end with the Vegetal Safe Colour.

Along with colouring the head hair, the Vegetal Safe Colour is also available for covering the greys of the beard as well.

What has made the Vegetal Safe Colour Global?

The Vegetal Safe Colour is making its presence count all around the globe due to its unique blend of natural extracts and efficacy. It can also be used by people who are prone to skin allergies. How is it possible? It is because of the unique blend of natural ingredients and 0% presence of Ammonia, PPD, and Paraben etc. That is why the Vegetal Safe Colour is Hypoallergenic. It performs smoothly on sensitive hair and scalp and prevents allergic reactions.

The Vegetal Safe Colour takes good care of your scalp to strengthen the growth and lustre of your hair

The scalp is the foundation for your thick, shiny and long hair. If the scalp is not healthy it may affect the growth, lustre and natural thickness of your hair. Hair colours with chemicals may damage your scalp and eventually become the reason for hair damage. The Vegetal Safe Colour has the natural extracts of Shikakai, Bhangra, and Brahmi etc that nourish your scalp to make your hair shiny and lustrous again. It is a hair colour without chemicals that is highly effective for the good health of your scalp and hair. Here is a glimpse of the goodness of its natural ingredients for your hair and scalp-

Bhangra (aka Bhringraj)

  • Protects hair from further damage
  • Addresses dry scalp and dandruff
  • Limits hair fall and stimulate the hair growth
  • Prevents hair greying
  • Makes hair lustrous


  • Shikakai stimulates the hair follicles
  • Restricts the hair loss
  • Reduces the pace of hair greying
  • Makes hair thicker, stronger, and shinier
  • Relieves the scalp and heals the infections
  • Addresses the dandruff


  • Maintains the natural luster of hair
  • Constructs a protective layer around hair fibres
  • Strengthens hair roots and restricts the hair fall
  • Makes the scalp free from dandruff, acne etc.

You can try so many safe hair colour styles according to the hair colour in trend. But don’t forget to stay distant from harmful chemicals. Stay in styler with the motherly embrace of natural ingredients. Choose Vegetal Safe Colour to safeguard your hair and scalp from toxic chemicals and to make them more colourful, glossier, thicker, and healthier.

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